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Photo Cred: E.Latrice & Dlove Images

Suit by L'Jai Amor "So Amazing " suit

    Welcome to the website of E.Latriceart ! Home of the original works of Erika Latrice Mixon. Erika is a native of Birmingham, AL and up and coming  self-taught visual artist finding her way one paint stroke at a time. She's always been a woman who's about her business but

 finally found a way to live out that part of her through ART. 

Throughout this site you will find an expression of personal, societal, and spiritual aspects of life. These ideas are shaped in a range of emotionally-charged visuals, rich /bold colors, emphatic tones, and a  blend between details and blurred lines. All the while bringing forth a message that allows the viewer to get a relatable understanding of God’s spirit and word. Collectively the goal of my work is to inspire, evoke-thought, awareness, enlightenment, and most of all to encourage views from a higher perspective. 

Just like her artwork, the products are an extension of her as well. .Each item was created in a spirit of sharing  the day to day of E.Latrice with you as well as key parts  of her personality so to speak. Erika is very conscious about keeping a positive, open, peaceful, thought-provoking, and intriguing space with hopes that was is offered will add the same to your life. 


"At the end of the day, the content of my work is secondary to the thoughts and emotions that may be conjured within the viewer because there, the true art is yet to be seen."

   Peace & Blessings, 


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