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1 of 3 in a collection created for a local Suicide Prevention campaign.

A dual message to give a voice to those who battl(ed) with some form of depression and/or mental illness. Also a voice for so many men still struggling to survive with the broken little boy inside. 

An artistic expression using monochromatic tones in an effort to capture the raw/deep emotions often spoken through a person's eyes. Though some don't make it out , many do ...I'm a living testimony that things can get better. Be kind, be an ear for someone, show love, be never know who needs it. 

"Black & Blue"


This item is in-stock and ready to be shipped. Please allow 3-5 days from date of purchase for item to be shipped.

  • Original artwork by E.L.Mixon. 2018 Copyright
  • 12  X 16 oil on stretched canvas. Only one original available.
  • Unframed
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